PARKING LOT COWBOY live for pre-order

Most of you probably read the news about Texas’s Senate Bill 8, which went into effect this week and effectively bans abortions in the state. Funnily enough, another law passed at the same time which makes it legal to carry a concealed weapon almost anywhere with virtually no licensing. I guess some Constitutional rights are more equal than others.

In 2018 I participated in the Rogue Nights anthology, contributing my short story, Parking Lot Cowboy, about two people who meet while volunteering as escorts at a family-planning clinic. The story’s themes of inclusive access and quiet activism feel more relevant than ever, now, and so I’m re-releasing Parking Lot Cowboy on its own next Tuesday, 9/7!

Every cent I earn from this story will go to the Clinic Access Support Network (, an awesome organization local to me in Houston which provides practical, nonjudgmental support to people seeking abortions – support which has now effectively been criminalized by SB8.

If you’d like to support an on-the-ground organization fighting for reproductive rights, or if you like a side of progressive ideals with your romance, or if you’re just in the mood for a tall, silent cowboy doing the right thing, hop on over to Amazon (or the digital retailer of your choice) and pre-order Parking Lot Cowboy today!


SHINE A LIGHT releases November 30th

Hey there faithful readers! It’s been a minute, huh? I took some maternity leave in 2019 and then there was, y’know, 2020, but I’m pleased to announce I have a new series releasing this fall!

The Orchard Hill series from Tule Publishing is a trio of stories centered around Jewish holidays. These are hopeful books about people trying their best, and of course falling in love along the way.

The first book is already available for pre-order ahead of its November 30th release! SHINE A LIGHT is a sweet, chaste little tale about a woman desperately trying to escape her hometown and the rabbinical-school dropout who just might convince her to stay put.

SHINE A LIGHT is about faith, family, and figuring it out, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Stay safe and well everyone!

launching the London Phoenix series

Good morning faithful readers (well, morning in my time zone at least)! I’m pleased to announce that I have a new series forthcoming from fabulous Tule Publishing!

When three sexy (obv) journo brothers from North London buy out an esteemed daily newspaper to save it from bankruptcy, they quickly find out that running a business isn’t a walk in the park – and running a family business is something else altogether. Throw in a trio of fiery women none of them can quite handle and the flames burn hot enough to light up those dark London nights all winter long.

The books in the LONDON PHOENIX series are category-length and scorching, and I hope readers will fall in love with these hot Jewish heroes as readily as the women who quickly humble them. 🙂

INSIDER, the first installment, hits shelves on 20 August. It’s now available for pre-order via the links below, and you can add it to your Goodreads shelves right away!

Insider cover sm

ER doctor Grace Reilly thrives on patching up her patients, propping them back on their feet and sending them home healthier, yet emotionally she feels flat on her back after being deceived by her ex-boyfriend. She’s shelved her malfunctioning romantic radar, possibly forever. But she’s not opposed to no strings attached sex, especially when she meets the brooding and enigmatic Oren Brody. Even better? After giving her a mind-blowing orgasm with no reciprocal expectations, he vanishes as mysteriously as he appeared.

Six months ago Oren Brody and his brothers, Asher and Ebon, bought the London Phoenix newspaper to save the esteemed daily from bankruptcy. They need a big scoop or a budget shortfall could shut them down. A confidential tip about corruption and potential medical malfeasance points Oren toward St. Hilda’s Hospital – the same hospital where his mother unexpectedly died after a visit to the ER for a pounding headache. He needs answers, and Grace seems to be the key. He’d tracked her down hoping she could be a source. Seducing her was accidental, but he finds himself unable to ignore their zinging chemistry and he doesn’t really want to.

Oren needs to earn Grace’s trust, but that’s a big ask since their first meeting began with a lie and ended with sexual fireworks. Grace has already been deceived by one lover, can she forgive and forget and give Oren a chance?

Skyline sale!

This is not a drill: the Atlanta Skyline series is $0.99 for a limited time! Meet the men of the Skyline soccer team from the beginning for one cent less than any item in Target’s $1 bin. 😀

The series starts with shorter-than-average yet larger-than-life Chilean hero in Crossing Hearts:

Book #2 introduces iceman left-back Oz Terim and his country-fried security consultant Kate Mitchell:

We head to the back of the pitch to meet faded-star goalkeeper Brendan Young:

And don’t forget the Skyline Christmas novella, when a snowstorm sends laid-back midfielder Aaron Jackson and uptight lawyer Stella Schuster on the road-trip of their lives:

I’m not sure how long this price promotion will last so grab these hot men while they’re even hotter!

Rogue Nights

Hello faithful readers! I am beyond delighted to share that I’ll have a story in the next volume of the Rogue anthologies! ROGUE NIGHTS is now available for pre-order ahead of its 8 November release, and the tales of romance and resistance packed within these pages are stirring and super sexy!

My story, “Parking Lot Cowboy,” is about a strong, silent-type cowboy (who literally wears a cowboy hat and almost never speaks) and an epidemiologist who meet when they both escort at a family-planning clinic in Topeka. Much of the inspiration for this story hearkens back to growing up in Kansas, surrounded by at-times astonishingly radical ideologies, and having to learn to live alongside people whose opinions differ wildly to mine, but also occasionally being taken by surprise by the most delightfully unexpected allies.

If you like a little resistance in your romance, I heartily recommend picking this one up. And the pre-order price is only $0.99 sense so really, what’re you waiting for?

Hearts in Extra Time

I’m pleased to announce that HEARTS IN EXTRA TIME – Atlanta Skyline #3.5 – is now available for pre-order! This holiday novella features an uptight heroine prone to tension headaches, a charming hero prone to flirting, and a three-day road trip that changes both their lives forever.

HEARTS IN EXTRA TIME is live to pre-order on Amazon, and I’ll be adding links to other retailers over the next couple of days. Happy reading!

Hearts in Extra Time Rebecca Crowley

Swapping her honeymoon trip for a singles cruise should’ve been the one upside to her canceled wedding, but disembarking to discover that a snowstorm has crippled the East Coast flings corporate lawyer Stella Schuster right back into the high-octane anxiety mode she’d been trying to escape. She was supposed to come back from the Caribbean refreshed, relaxed, and ready to become the kind of carefree, spontaneous woman her ex-fiancé left her for. But stuck in Miami with urgent deadlines, no way to get home to Atlanta, and the tension headache from hell, Stella’s facing a long night glued to her laptop in the airport lounge—until a sexy stranger slides into the empty seat at her table.

Defensive midfielder Aaron Jackson may be one of the lesser lights in Atlanta Skyline’s high-profile line-up—he definitely doesn’t get paid like a star—but he gets to do what he loves, and that’s all he cares about. As in, that’s genuinely all he cares about. Aaron lives for the moment, thrives on uncertainty and adventure, fully embraces his commitment phobia and steers well clear of stress-heads too focused on planning every minute to enjoy the one they’re in—stress-heads exactly like the stunning woman scowling at her laptop screen.

Just as Stella decides that an airport quickie might be the perfect way to usher in her new self, their flight goes from delayed to canceled, stranding them in Miami along with hundreds of other passengers. The only way back to Atlanta is on a road trip that will force Stella to focus on today, tempt Aaron to consider tomorrow, and maybe even lead to the shared future neither of them ever imagined they wanted—if they’re brave enough to follow the winding road of fate.


Hello faithful readers! I’m exhausted, bleary-eyed and completely pumped after an amazing trip to Denver to attend my first-ever RWA National Conference. The three days were packed with inspiring craft talks, industry events and lots of wine. I’ve broken the weekend down to three highlights, but these barely scratch the surface of the RWA whirlwind.


Big in France

The Atlanta Skyline series has recently been released in a French edition, and I had the pleasure of meeting with Pauline Reymond from J’ai Lu, the French publisher. We had a fantastic chat over coffee, covering all of the essential talking points from which French footballers are the hottest…and also which French footballers are the hottest. Having established our shared love for Olivier Giroud, I was fascinated by what Pauline shared about French romance readers and how they vary from American readers. Like Americans they’re very passionate about their genre, however they connect less well to small towns and cowboys and actively write into publishers demanding more diversity. They like real-world stories about real-world people, and I hope Atlanta Skyline gives them exactly that! I really enjoyed learning about romance in another part of the world, and of course it was great to find out that I’m big in France. 😉

Not Reinventing the Wheel

I attended a number of workshops at the conference and made an effort to steer myself away from the more emo sessions I gravitate toward and focus on subjects I need to get better at, like marketing. While those were useful, the workshop that resonated most with me was also the one that broke this rule: Reinvention: The Not-So Straight Path to Success, presented by Tanya Michaels, Monica Murphy, Kate Pearce and Kathy McDavid. The authors on this panel spoke candidly about the ups and downs of the industry, and I  took away a lot about the power of sheer stubbornness and determination when it comes to succeeding as an author. I also especially appreciated Kate Pearce’s comments about valuing your author voice, and trusting that your readers will follow your voice no matter where you take it. I was totally uplifted by these ladies and it was by far my favorite workshop of the conference.

Sisterhood is Powerful

RWA was undeniably great for professional networking, craft and technique advice, and keeping up-to-date with the industry. But more than anything, I flipping loved spending time with my two writerly besties Erica Taylor and Joss Wood. I don’t regret a minute of sleep I didn’t get because I was busy staying up late, laughing myself to tears with these two. The unforgiving publishing industry plus the vulnerability of writing can make a brutal combination, but when you’ve got friends you can bitch with, wine/whine with, and who won’t judge your best RITA party dance moves, the whole endeavor feels a little more survivable.


I definitely recommend attending RWA Nationals, whether you’re a published author, an aspiring writer or even just a huge fan of the genre. From rubbing elbows with big names to discovering a next favorite series, RWA is a fun, relaxed, utterly brilliant event. I’ll be back!

release day for SAVING HEARTS!

Happy Tuesday! SAVING HEARTS hits digital shelves today – check out the Books page for full buy links – and while I’m sad to say goodbye (for now) to the men of Atlanta Skyline, I’m excited for readers to finally meet its alpha heroine, Erin, and Brendan, Skyline’s neuro-atypical goalkeeper. You can catch my interview on the HEA blog to learn a little more about the future potential of the series.

This release day finds me in my new home in Houston, so it’s perhaps apropos that as I reflect on the process of writing SAVING HEARTS I realized that huge chunks of it were drafted in airport lounges and hotels. I had two trips to London and one to Amsterdam in the space of about ten weeks, and the overnight flights to and from Johannesburg often left me with a spare most-of-a-day on either end of work training. Here are some fun facts about my own setting for these scenes:

  • Erin’s trip to snoop Brendan’s house was written in the airport lounge at OR Tambo.
  • I wrote the backstory to Brendan’s neuro-atypicality in a hotel in Baker Street.
  • Erin’s visit to Brendan’s hometown was drafted at a spare desk in my company’s London office.
  • Erin realized she was falling for Brendan while I was in Schiphol airport.
  • Brendan fell in love with Erin when I was perched on a stool in the lounge at Heathrow’s terminal 5, with a view over the security lines.
  • I wrote the final scene in the cafe at my gym in Johannesburg, where I knew there’d be no wifi to distract me.

As you can see, Brendan and Erin traveled thousands of miles with me in the couple of months it took to write their story. Maybe that’s why they have an extra special place in my heart. They’re both deeply flawed and prone to awful mistakes and misjudgments, even ethical transgressions, but in the end they want nothing more than to do right by each other, and in the process find that they’re right for each other. I love them and this book to bits, and I hope you will, too.

Homefront Trilogy on sale!

Happy holidays from Houston! If, like me, you’re too sluggish from the onslaught of holiday food to move much further than the distance between your couch and your phone, I’ve got good news: all three books in the broody-sexy Homefront Trilogy will be only $0.99 across all platforms until January 2nd! That’s three military heroes and three HEAs for less than $3!

For complete buy links visit the Books page. Happy reading!

the naughty bits

I don’t know about y’all, but to me, some of the best bits of romance novels are the naughtiest ones! What could be better than reading about two people struggling to find their way to each other emotionally first finding their way physically? Sex scenes play a powerful role in developing relationships on – and off! – the page, and I’m super excited to be part of a competition that celebrates exactly that.

In a moment of potential insanity given the competitors in contests past, I’ve entered Nix’s infamous Sex Scene Championship for 2017! I’m up against a fearsome m/m scene penned by a previous competitor, but I’d appreciate your votes nonetheless. The polls close on Thursday at 4 PM GMT (5 PM in South Africa, 2 PM on the East Coast), oh, and you can enter to win prizes! Go forth and click to vote for Oz and Kate from Defending Hearts!