facing my critics

I’ve always been an academic overachiever, and until The Striker’s Chance released a little over two weeks ago I would’ve taken a B and a B- very, very badly. But when they’re given by romance-reviewing powerhouses Smexy Books and Dear Author, those letters make me giddy!

From Mandi at Smexy Books: “When they do finally make it to the bedroom it made sense and didn’t feel rushed. They have good chemistry together as Holly really gets to know the real Kepler. I like this author’s voice. Looking forward to more.”

(I also made it into Mandi’s USA Today column!)

From Jayne at Dear Author: “I love the transition for Kepler from last chance, to team leader, to inspiration for kids. I can see him settling into his new leadership roles and the maturation that follows. His love for the game and determination to play his best shines through.”

Amidst the pre-wedding chaos on the work and home fronts, it’s indescribably awesome to see my characters resonating with readers and garnering the (qualified!) accolades they totally deserve. Plus each review shows me ways to improve as a writer and illuminates facets of my story I never thought about, so selfishly I love to see them rolling in, good, bad, and otherwise!


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